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i only own 3 posters but still

my poster purchasing abilities are limited. my mom thinks it’s tacky to actually hang them up so i don’t have much motivation to do so either. however i got 2 of my posters for free and the third one i made myself for a middle school project

i’ve discussed the one i made before…it’s a movie poster for ender’s game based on the movie poster for star trek iii. starring my brother as ender

the other two are a twelfth night poster i kept after we tore down all the posters from around the school (i got a big one too!) and a poster of schiller i got from my schiller class that is currently hanging on my closet door in my dorm

yup schiller stares at me while i do my homework

he’s staring at me now

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Dear TBBT fandom newbies


Trust me, you do not want another ship war. It is not fun and it ain’t cute. A couple of years ago during season 5 it got really bad, let’s not regress. There is peace in the kingdom now, or at best indifference. But at least it’s calm. We stick to our corners of the internet so there is no need to shoot your guns in the air and declare a rumble.

Live and let ship.